Project Brief


Dutch Wheels


ENTTEC provided a captivating LED lighting solution for the Sky Wheel in Cancun, Mexico. The project featured 3418 Pixel dots and 36 Octo’s. This dynamic lighting setup enhances the visual appeal of the Sky Wheel, making it a prominent nighttime attraction.

Featuring 3418 Pixel dots and 36 Octo’s, how did this project come together?

Every project is different and requires a unique approach to finding the best LED lighting solution. With large projects, it is often best to find a way to break the installation down into more manageable sections, and one advantage of specifying lighting on an observation wheel is that each of those sections often repeats itself. 


La Isla Entertainment Village – Cancun, Mexico

How does it work?

At the heart of an observation wheel lies the slip ring, serving as the power and data source. From here, spokes extend outward, providing a convenient starting point for illuminating the wheel. Some spokes feature cable-trays, evenly distributed around the wheel, facilitating power and data transmission to the rim and gondolas.

For example, on a 20-spoke wheel, several spokes might have cable trays, resulting in multiple entry points to the rim. Here, the strategic placement of the 36 ENTTEC Octo’s controllers enables seamless data flow around the rim, following a uniform pitch, tailored to the customer specifications.

By carefully measuring each spoke and the distance between cable tray entry points (250mm pitch between each dot), we can determine the required number of LED dots. Considering maintenance factors, such as easy replacement, we optimize the number of dots to 5 per string, ensuring efficient operation.
This approach allows to control 50 PXL60 dots at 24V or 165 dots at 48V from a single power source, crucial for understanding how frequently a power injection is required along a spoke/part of the rim. ENTTEC’s comprehensive cabling solution ensures seamless integration of power injections to the Smart PXL dot system, while maintaining IP-rated systems. 

When it comes to attaching the LED dots to the wheel, we employ methods such as:
– mounting them directly to the chassis or
– affixing them to acrylic material for optimal lens placement.

In summary, our project team can tailor our LED lighting solutions to ensure efficient installation and effective illumination for any project such as the Sky Wheel Cancun.

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Project credits

Lighting installation: Dutch Wheels BV
Lighting management: HW Elektrotechnik GmbH
Programming: Quinten


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