Storm10 – 10-universe Ethernet to DMX gateway

Compact and powerful 10-universe, multi-protocol Ethernet to DMX/RDM converter

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    • The perfect package

      We know that every project is as unique as you, and therefore, requires different solutions. So, we have made the Storm10 more flexible than ever to suit any project.

      Use one Storm10 to control 10 universes of DMX data or connect multiple devices together to upscale your project. Being able to control a large number of universes allows the Storm10 to be used on any sized project.

      PoE and DC input so you can power your Storm10 to suits your project’s needs.

      Independently configure all 10 ports to create a unique lighting display. Configure setting such as input protocol, merging options, refresh rate and even disable DMX out / DMX out (RDM) or any port completely.

      Its intuitive design and bracket options provide the flexibility to mount the Storm10 in a number of popular industry methods straight out of the box.

      Supporting multiple protocols, Art-Net, sACN, ESP and DMX512, you can send data to the Storm10 from a wide range of sources – while the Storm10’s RDM (Remote Device Management) capability allows you to get a quick status update of your connected devices and change basic settings remotely.

    • Easy, web-based configuration

      ENTTEC are proud to have pioneered the introduction of user-friendly web browser interfaces in the lighting control sector.

      Just like all ENTTEC network products, simply connect to your Storm10 from anywhere on the same network using your favourite web browser to configure, manage and update your device settings. It’s that easy!

    • Merging support

      Choose from either LTP or HTP Merging per port (with up to 2 sources). Use another control source and let the Storm10 handle the output just to test your setup, then revert back to the master source when required.

    • Polarity-protected data ports

      We’re not new to this industry. We know that sometimes accidents happen or faults develop on installations over time. That’s why the Storm10 has been designed to block DC power entering each of the data ports in the case of a short circuit or incorrect wiring. Rogue power can’t pass through the Storm10 into your wider installation.

    • Two layers of rock-solid surge protection

      The Storm10 has been engineered for 24/7 operation and surge protection. If your data cabling has a fault that causes a spike in voltage, a heavy-handed installer gives it static shock, or maybe your DMX lines have a lot of electrical noise on them, the issue won’t be passed through the Storm10 to your other equipment. Any disturbance is automatically suppressed.

    • Compatible 3rd party software & applications

      Check out the ENTTEC Knowledge Base to learn which third party software is compatible with ENTTEC devices.

    • Integration-ready

      Combine the Storm10 with the S-PLAY show controller to trigger or schedule lighting states. Seamlessly integrating with a huge number of popular building integration management and smart home systems, you can simply set and forget, knowing that you can rely on your S-PLAY to precisely schedule your show whenever it’s required – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

    • 3-year warranty

      Enjoy peace of mind with ENTTEC’s 3-year manufacturer’s defects warranty as well as our renowned global technical support. We’re always here to help.

    An installers’ dream

    (Follow the guide in the Knowledgebase if you want to convert the RJ45 outputs to traditional DMX connectors.)


    Multi-Protocol Support

    • Art-Net
    • sACN
    • DMX512


    • 1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet port (With PoE)
    • 10 x DMX outputs on RJ45 (ANSI 1.27-2) (outputs 9 + 10 can be accessed from either the front or rear of the unit)


    Reliant on ENTTEC’s EN-Case design, the Storm10 hardware comes with multiple accessories to accommodate the most popular industry mounting methods – straight out of the box, and without the need to purchase any extra components.


    • Precision engineered + proudly made in Australia.
    • Choose us for your complete light solutions needs.
    • Customer support is our priority.

    Control more than just lighting.

    Learn how ENTTEC STORM controlled synchronised
    water valves at the Winter Olympic Games

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    Check out ENTTEC DMX distribution in action

    Learn how devices such as the DIN Ethergate or Storm can enhance your installation