With 2 Universes of Ethernet to DMX conversion featuring Art-RDM support, Power over Ethernet (PoE) or a flexible 12-24v DC input, the ODE MK3 allows for fast deployment of DMX systems compatible with a wide range of devices.

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The ultimate Power Over Ethernet DMX interface

The ODE MK3 is a robust, reliable, installation-grade, Ethernet to DMX converter engineered to connect DMX fixtures to your Ethernet network infrastructure. Now you can expand your lighting project to the next level.

With two Universes of bi-directional eDMX to DMX conversion and Art-RDM support, the ODE MK3 is compatible with a wide range of devices and allows for fast deployment of your DMX system. Simply connect, configure and take control!

Additionally, this Ethernet to DMX/RDM gateway is packed with installer-friendly features for a speedy installation and configuration, all managed through a web UI – and contained in a compact, portable form factor.

Birds eye view of the ENTTEC ODE Mk3 Ethernet to DMX interface.

In a nutshell

  • Two bi-directional female 5-pin DMX ports with optional RDM (E1.20) support.
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) or DC 12-24V input.
  • Support for Art-Net 4, sACN and ESP to DMX conversion.
  • Support for DMX -> Art-Net (Broadcast or Unicast) / DMX -> sACN (Multicast or Unicast).
  • Intuitive device configuration and updates through the inbuilt localhost web interface.
  • 10/100 Mbps network speed.
  • ‘Current Port Buffer’ allows live DMX values to be viewed in the web UI.
  • Configurable DMX output refresh rate.



Easy web page configuration

Configuration is managed through the localhost web interface to simplify commissioning and updates. Consequently, the ODE MK3 to be configured from any computer on your network.

Flexible power options

Power the ODE MK3 using IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) or DC 12-24v input.

Sync mode

All ENTTEC Ethernet hardware accepts ArtSync to fully synchronise Art-Net data across your installation when receiving Art-Net from the same source to protect against content tearing and ensure a professional looking output across your rig.

Time-saving and installer-friendly

This Ethernet to DMX converter is packed with installer-friendly features including industry standard 5-pin XLR ports to simplify wiring.

Also, a ‘Current Port Buffer’ within the web interface allows live DMX values to be viewed from the localhost web interface to troubleshoot your installation. Upon receiving power, the device is ready to for action within seconds.

Four images showing lights controlled by a DMX control system in Tamworth VIC Australia.
Ethernet to dmx interface
dmx ethernet
While its compact size makes the ODE MK3 ideal for small jobs on the run, it’s also perfect for larger, fixed installations like this bar in Tamworth, Australia.
Two female 5 Pin XLR's on the rear of the ENTTEC ODE Mk3 Ethernet to DMX interface.
Ethernet to dmx interface
dmx ethernet
The ruggedized 5pin XLR DMX ports can be used as either input or output and provide secure robust connection for your data cabling.
The ODE MK3’s LED status system lets you know exactly what your device is doing.

Monitor activity

The LED indicators allows you to monitor connectivity & status in a quick glance.


The ODE Mk3’s primary functionality is to convert between Ethernet-DMX protocols and USITT DMX512-A (DMX). The following conversions are available with the ODE Mk3:

    Art-Net – DMX (with/without RDM. ANSI E1.20 RDM supported)
    DMX – Art-Net (Broadcast or Unicast)
    sACN – DMX
    DMX – sACN (Multicast or Unicast)
    ESP – DMX
    DMX – ESP (Broadcast or Unicast)

To learn more about these functions, check out the documentation.



By making everything ourselves in our state-of-the-art Melbourne facility, we ensure the highest possible levels of consistency and quality control over our products. We’ve created a reliable brand that people know they can trust.

A key part of your smart home infrastructure


At ENTTEC we’ve built a reputation for system compatibility and integration.

Unlock a world of potential by integrating the ODE Mk3 Ethernet to DMX interface. Simply pair it with a number of well-known automation systems using generic Art-Net or sACN (E1.31) drivers to allow you to send and receive DMX and RDM.

If your control system of choice is unable to send Art-Net or sACN, we have a solution for you!

Our S-Play show controller is able to receive a wide range of low bandwidth input triggers and send out streams of lighting control data to the ODE MK3 and other DMX nodes across your installation network. Check it out here!

Output DMX / DMX-512 from Control4 using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
Output DMX / DMX-512 from a KNX system using the ENTTEC DIN Ethergate.
Clipsal C-Bus
Clipsal C-Bus 2
Output DMX / DMX-512 from Crestron using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
Output DMX / DMX-512 from Legrand using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
Output DMX / DMX-512 from ELAN using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
Output DMX / DMX-512 from Loxone using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
Output DMX / DMX-512 from Extron using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
OpenHab Logo. Output DMX / DMX-512 using the ENTTEC ODE Mk3.
Light installation art, vertical columns.






EMU isn’t only just a great lighting tool made for creating beat-perfect light shows. It gives you the ability to discover ODE’s on your network using ArtPoll, test the output by sending control data over your network. EMU runs on both Windows and MacOS.

ENTTEC EMU software logo, EMU is the software used to configure the firmware and define settings for the DMX USB Pro.

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