DIN Pixie – 2-Universe DMX LED pixel controller

2-Universe DMX to SPI pixel converter & standalone player

A smart, cost-effective lighting control solution, the DIN Pixie is a compact, DIN-rail mountable, DMX to LED pixel protocol converter engineered to take any architectural, commercial or entertainment project to the next level.


SKU: 73539
Control LED pixels with ease

ENTTEC’s DIN Pixie is a robust and reliable installation-grade DMX-to-SPI pixel converter and standalone player designed to make control of LED pixels easy.

Control 2 universes of DMX (256 RGBW, 340 RGB or 1024 White 8-Bit LEDs) from the DIN Pixie. Use its DMX inputs, stream to it from a computer plugged in using USB, or set it to play a 1-universe standalone show you’ve created and saved to internal memory.

Packed with installer-friendly features

  • Support for multiple LED integrated circuits.
  • Intuitive configuration enables the device to be heavily tailored to your projects.
  • Standalone mode allows playback of a pre-recorded sequence with advance control options such as play count, loop delay and play on power up.
  • Wide input voltage range (5-48V) allowing the device to be powered from the same PSU as your LEDs.
  • Self-healing fuse with surge protection on every port.
  • Reverse polarity protection on each SPI data line.
  • Overtemperature protection.
  • Internal SPI memory soldered directly to the circuit board (no removable storage to come loose).
  • Slim, electrically-isolated 4 DIN unit form factor with surface and TS-35 DIN rail mount options.
  • Use ENTTEC’s free PRO-MANAGER software to test, update and configure your DIN Pixie.
Front and rear ports of the ENTTEC DIN Pixie DMX to SPI pixel converter.

Let’s get stuck in!

Support for a a wide range of LED strips and dots

Each DIN Pixie can control up to 2 DMX Universes worth of LED pixels:

Pixel TypeQuantity
RGBW (8-bit)256
RGB (8-bit)340
While (8-bit)1024
Pixel TypeQuantity
RGBW (16-bit)128
RGB (16-bit)170
While (16-bit)512

See the Downloads section for a comprehensive table showing all compatible LED protocols.

Built on trusted technology

The DIN Pixie uses the same rock solid DMX USB technology put ENTTEC on the map over 20 years ago.

The DIN Pixie’s API is uses the same trusted technology and developer API as our original Pixie Driver. Any applications that works with the Pixie Driver will work with the DIN Pixie.

DMX USB icon in a light grey shade.

Standalone show playback from inbuilt flash memory

Some installations don’t have the need for live control. The DIN Pixie allows you to record a show from DMX or Art-Net in Pro Manager to be played back on power up or use it when DMX input isn’t present.

  • Standalone playback from inbuilt SPI flash memory (4000 frames [approx. 100 seconds of show]).
  • Play a predefined show, set a blackout instantly or hold the last state if DMX input is lost or unplugged.
  • Shows can loop for a fixed number of times or infinitely.
  • Record a show from 1 Universe of Art-Net or a DMX input (using the Pro Manager configuration application).
  • Export your show to deploy to other DIN Pixies.

Two layers of protection – Engineering you can rely on

The DIN Pixie has been engineered for 24/7 operation. Each individual data port and data line (2 x DMX / USB / 2 x Pixel) features a self-healing fuse and surge protection capable of protecting the device from up to 8kV of contact discharge.

So, what does this mean in practical terms?

If your cabling or power supply has a fault that causes a spike in voltage, a heavy-handed installer gives a static shock, or maybe your DMX lines have a lot of electrical noise on them, the issue won’t be passed through the DIN Pixie to your other equipment. Any short disturbance is suppressed.

Rest assured, your DMX sources, computer and each pixel strip will be protected from any issue that could occur with your pixel wiring and vice-versa.

Polarity-protected data ports

We’re not new to this industry. We know that sometimes accidents happen or faults develop on installations over time. That’s why the DIN Pixie DMX-to-SPI converter has been designed to block power entering each of the pixel data ports in the case of a short circuit or incorrect wiring. Rogue power can’t pass back through the DIN Pixie into your wider installation.

Wide 5-48v input voltage range

Whether you want to control 5V pixel tape or 48V pixel dots, the DIN Pixie can do it all. Its wide voltage input range gives you the flexibility to power it directly from the same source as your LED pixels. 

Rear ports of the ENTTEC DIN Pixie DMX to SPI converter with DIN mounting bracket attached.

Smart features

The DIN Pixie is packed with features to make your installation run smoothly, making it one of the most advanced DMX-to-SPI converter/controllers, on the market:

  • 1:1 DMX to SPI conversion. (DMX input 1 = SPI output 1 / DMX input 2 = SPI output 2)
  • 1:1 DMX to SPI conversion. Convert 2 Universes of DMX input to a 2-Universe long chain of pixels. (DMX input 1 + DMX Input 2 = 2 universe output on SPI Output 1)
  • Use pixel grouping to reduce the DMX input control channel count of your installation whilst allowing the same quantity of LED pixels to be illuminated.
  • Play back shows from internal memory, send a blackout, or wait for 30 seconds if DMX input is lost.
  • Indicator LED to show real time status information.
ENTTEC DIN Pixie showing the TS-35 DIN mounting bracket and surface mount fitting.

Free ELM software!

Use our award-winning ENTTEC LED MAPPER software to create pixel-perfect mapped sequences, then use ELM’s Art-Net output to record shows onto the internal memory of the DMX-to-SPI controller using Pro Manager.

Alternatively, combine ENTTEC LED MAPPER with a DMX Ethernet node to control the output of the DIN Pixie in real time using DMX.

Compatible 3rd party software & applications

Check out the ENTTEC Knowledge Base to learn which third party software is compatible with ENTTEC devices.

3-year warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with ENTTEC’s 3-year manufacturer’s defects warranty as well as our famous global technical support. We’re always here to help.

Wiring diagrams


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User Manual
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Firmware (V1.20)
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PRO Manager
Release Notes
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Note: Firmware for the 73539 DIN Pixie DMX to SPI controller is not backward compatible with the Pixie Driver. By Q3 2022 Pro Manager will be retired and the DIN Pixie will be fully supported by EMU.


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DIN Pixie

Fully backward compatible with the Pixie Driver API

example code
ENTTEC DIN Pixie two universe SPI to DMX converter showing two RJ45 DMX input connectors.

We can help!

The DIN Pixie DMX-to-SPI pixel converter can be used in practically any situation that requires a that requires up to 2U of pixel control.

The on-board memory provides extra versatility, letting you program a standalone show for simpler projects such as a small shopfront. For bigger installs you can tie numerous DIN Pixies in with a Storm Ethernet-to-DMX node and expand out your installation to hundreds of Universes.

Every project is different, of course, so we can help you design the perfect system for your specific needs. Questions are always welcome.

The DIN Pixie is compatible with: