S-play v2.0 release

With our feature-packed S-PLAY v2.0 update, the world’s most versatile all-in-one lighting controller just got even faster!

Bring your show to life, Even Faster!

Bring your playlists to life faster than ever before with a lighter weight user interface for faster loading time and more rapid updates!
  • New login features for a more rapid login process!
  • New top of the page tool bar for instant essential data about your S-Play.
  • New “create playlist” button in cues makes your workflow even more efficient.

Find out more with our latest S-Play video!!

Addition of Dark Mode

The option of dark mode allows you to configure the web UI in bright light or low light areas

S-Play dark mode

Save time in an instant with the all new information button:

Save precious time

  • Get real time DMX output values.
  • Live preview on any playing playlist in an instant.
  • Live preview for ALL 32 universes in the one location.

Your S-PLAY truly is the box that does it all!

If you’re keen to find out more head over to our YouTube Channel to see the latest S-PLAY tutorials:

Made In Australia

S-PLAY v2.0 firmware 
is available to download NOW!!

P.S. Remember to always make a backup before updating your firmware. After completion, clear your browser’s web cache [Ctrl]+[Shift)+[r] to make sure it isn’t holding onto any old UI graphics.